Wooden Server Furniture for Wine

Jan 14th
Dining Room Hutch And Buffet
Dining Room Hutch And Buffet

Server Furniture – Unless everyone could have a vineyard in Napa Valley, storing wine in the house can seem as daunting as determining the authenticity of a labeled Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon. But it’s not very difficult to create small-scale wine servers or storage spaces. By meeting ideal specifications, wine can be stored and enjoyed in the comforts of home.

It is ideal for wines to be kept in a slightly humid atmosphere to ensure that the cork stoppers on the wine bottles do not dry out. If they do, the wine comes into contact with air, oxidizes, and loses its quality and taste. A too-moist atmosphere, on the other hand, may damage the labels on wine bottles, or attract the growth of microorganisms within the storage space. That is why wine servers are made of solid wood. It is porous enough to retain moisture but easy to keep clean, cool, and dry.

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Ideally, most wines should be stored in slightly cool surroundings – but not refrigerated – and away from direct light, which can heat the wine and alter its quality. It’s not ideal to store wine inside normal dining room furniture such as cupboards or exposed shelves. Cupboards would always be opened to get other items from time to time, and open shelves are exposed to daylight and sudden changes in temperature, depending on the weather. Wine should be kept in an exclusive space like a room or a dedicated solid wood cabinet.

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