With Mirror Diy Dresser Plans

Apr 13th
Diy dresser plans DIY

Diy dresser plans – to build diy dresser plans with mirror, starting with cut the wood from the home toilet. The structure of this wooden dresser is quite simple. It is composed of five parts: a piece as a base and four wooden slats around it, forming a frame. Measure and mark with a pencil and a flexometer the different pieces of wood and then cut it. When you have all the pieces cut, mount the toilet. Use a hammer and brads to join the sides to the wooden base and, once you have done it, also join the sides between them. Ready!

If you want, you can decorate the diy dresser plans with a little glaze. You can also decorate only the interior of the furniture with white enamel water. To do this, use body builder tape to protect the edges and apply the enamel with a synthetic fiber pallet. If you have painted the headdress, let it completely dry the paint used before gluing the mirror. When the surface is ready, mark the position of the mirror inside the dressing table and fixes it with a bit of mounting adhesive.

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Be careful at this step. To improve the result and that the joints between the mirror and the wood are well sealed, you can use an acrylic sealer from baixens. This product, which can be applied especially wood, cement, brick and other materials, must be applied when the support is completely dry. And once applied, is paintable. All you have to do to seal the joints is to apply a bead of this sealing compound between the putty and the wood and smooth it with a finger, slightly moistened, to remove the excess. And your diy dresser plans with mirror was done.

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