Wide Chaise Lounger Indoor And Outdoor Seats.

Aug 12th
Woven Chaise Lounge
Woven Chaise Lounge

Wide chaise lounger – Since its first appearance around the 300s last year in France, the lounge chair has come as far as shape. From the first models came modifications such as Recamier, Duchesse Brisee, and Meridienne. Currently, the lounge chair has also crossed the outside of the domain, where he enjoys uniqueness in the park, on the deck and in the backyard. Here are some differences between indoor and outdoor seats.

Far from people like the original prototype, the outdoor lounge chairs deviate from the strict definition of what should actually look like a chair. In translation, chaise longue means long arm in French, and also applies to a number of outdoor lounge chairs. The lines start blurring here, as some outdoor furniture, chair seats, sun loungers and chair seats, are difficult to be completely segregated. The key parts are just the backs and the ability to lie almost stretched with feet on the ground. In addition, there are a number of crossover that must be accepted.

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Frames for outdoor chaise lounges can be made from various furniture building materials. The only requirement is to hold the weather. Treated and lacquered woods will usually last long with the right amount of maintenance, just like metal. For the elegance and the traditional design, wrought iron skeletons are beautiful but also hard to say. Aluminum frames do not connote the same elegance, but are much lighter and look more modern. Both will rust after enough time.

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