What is the Types of Tallboy Dresser

May 25th
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Tallboy Dresser – Dressers with many aliases that describe the different types: highboy, lowboy, chest of drawers, dressing table and chest of drawers, to name a few. Although a dressing and a comfortable function essentially the same way, the difference lies in how the piece is designed. A standard toilet is usually wider than it is a deep and high waist. A dresser is taller, usually with a high chest with a single column of drawers. The shape of the body and the drawer fronts help to define the style of dresser.

The earliest sideboards were simple wooden chests, which evolved and traditional pieces of furniture of great importance, such as Bible boxes, dowry chests and painted bridal chests. The addition of personal transition pieces storage chest drawers in drawers and cabinets. English cabinetmakers came out with the first designs of buffets, setting the standard for American cabinetmakers.

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The largest toilets are known as highboys or the British version, tallboys. Also known as a chest to chest, highboys are made with two separate pieces, a drawer base support chest of drawers. Another version of a highboy, the closet, has a closet like the top half with drawers underneath. Queen Anne style highboys frequently stand more than 7 feet tall and feature the top of the emblematic pediment, bat-style brass saddles and a platform carved on the bottom.

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