Tips to Draw Deer Head

Jul 17th
Deer Head On Wall Called

Deer head – Deer is majestic and beautiful, and is a popular subject for artists drawing nature scenes. All male deer have horns. This characteristic of deer helps to make it easy to draw a deer head that people recognize. But if you have the opportunity to draw basic shapes, even a doe will be recognized when you sketch it.


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Sketch Deer

Next, take an eraser and draw an eccentric oval that extends slightly inside the circle. Most of the oval should stand out. If you like the size of your eraser oval, sketch it. If not, adjust the size until you are satisfied with it before sketching over the eraser flakes. Use the eraser to make two ovals for the ears on the top of the circle. An oval should be that the upper right side of the deer head and the other should be toward the upper left side of the head. Use the pen to sketch over the eraser flakes when you are satisfied with the ear size.

Draw a line from the sides of the lower oval to the circle to create the deer face. Then form upper ovals so they look blades. Then draw a slightly curved longer line that extends towards an ear on either side of the shorter row. Lay three out of four lines that curve inward near the top of each horn. Deer cords should almost look like stacked fingers. If the deer head is large enough, you can spread your fingers so the thumb faces the deer inner head. Make a line sectioning the tip of the nose. Then pull your eyes off on either side. An eye should be against each ear, but placed so that they are not immediately under the ears.

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