Tips To Decorate Black Kitchen

Sep 13th
Small Black Kitchen
Small Black Kitchen

Black kitchen – Painting walls is one of the most economical ways to give a room a facelift. Tuscan style from Italy is a popular look for walls and will probably not go out of style quickly. One common way to achieve this technique is by applying a yellow plaster mix to the walls, creating an older, antique look often associated with the Italian countryside. With some tips and preparations, creating this look in your own home can be easy and rewarding.


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Prepare your walls. Use a dust cloth so that the walls are free of dirt. Use sandpaper to smooth out any uneven spots. Mix plaster and paint in a bucket. Black kitchen with Mix together equal parts of paint and plaster, one gallon of each should cover a large room, like a living room. Use a color stick to get a smooth blend. The mixture will be very thick. Use black color to get older Tuscan look. Apply the mixture to the walls using paint putty. Applied in a butterfly or “X” motion, making sure not to apply it smoothly. Makes it look unplanned and staggered will add to the Tuscan look.

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Cross all places that look too cold or too heavy when all walls are covered. With the help of trowel, go over all the places that need additional attention. The finished pattern should be adapted to your own taste, as the final product never looks the same twice. Black kitchen Apply a new coat of black color when drywall is dry. This gives the walls greater depth of color, adding to the old look. The color does not have to be even, it just needs to add extra color over the rough texture plaster mixture will have done.

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