Tips To Clean Velvet Furniture

Mar 19th
Yellow Velvet Furniture
Yellow Velvet Furniture

Velvet furniture can easily be damaged, crushed or stained in the case of improper handling. Knowing how to clean and care for velvet furniture is absolutely necessary to keep the furniture in good condition.


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Brush furniture with a soft brush or suede brush to remove dirt and debris. The furniture can also be vacuumed if it is extremely dusty or has too loose dirt. Examine velvet furniture for visible stains, spills or stains. Moisten a clean cloth with a small amount of mild, anhydrous dry cleaning liquid. Press fabric to stain and continue to twist the fabric so that a clean part of the cloth comes in contact with the stain. Follow any additional instructions that can be provided on the cleaning solution.

Allow the newly cleaned part of the furniture to air dry. Avoid soda furniture when cleaning as it may smash the velvet pile. Brush dried parts of velvet furniture with a suede brush or a very soft brush to revive the fabric pile. Occasional brushing of the fabric can be performed as needed between cleansers. Carefully scrub the colored area with white toothpaste and a soft clean cloth. Toothpaste removes almost all blemishes on velvet. Dab the rubbing alcohol on an ink stain and wipe with a hair dryer set to the lowest setting. This works wonders on ink spots. Spray aerosol hair spray on a newsprint stain and wipe it off with a soft, clean white cloth.

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