The Origin of White Canopy Bed

Jun 9th
White Canopy Bed White
White Canopy Bed White

A white canopy bed has a bed head, or a tester, with high posts on every corner at least four feet tall which supports a retractable cloth cover. Still found in many homes today and popular in resorts and hotels for their romantic attraction. The term canopy dates from the 14th century of France. French word canopy meaning bed curtain back to the Latin word canopied and anterior to it, from the Greek konopeion, the couch with the mosquito curtain. It all comes from conops, mosquitoes or mosquitoes.

Considered today as elegant, White canopy bed has its origins really ordinary and mediocre. It may interest you to know that the canopy bed evolved from the box bed, the usual wooden box wrapped around the bed. The early houses of the Middle Ages lacked insulation that could really provide warmth and protection. The houses in those days were made of wicker and pelleted with thatched roofs. The doors and windows provide obstructions that interfere with the wind.

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They only filter the snow from the wind as it passes the house. It was so cold that even if you were wrapped in bed with a pile of blankets it was not too warm. With this need, a bed box with a closing door is designed. Indeed, it is helpful to withstand the wind from the bed because the actual bed is inside a wooden box thus, maintaining warm air all around. That’s the article about White canopy bed.

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