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Jan 29th
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Cat Tower – The construction of a cat tower can cost a little more than what is spent in the store. However, you can make the cat tree the way you want it to look and add your own choice of carpet color to match your decor. The materials needed to build a cat tower include power tools, various tools, wood materials, and finishing materials.

The power tools needed to build a cat tree include a drill and assorted drill bits and bits, a jigsaw and a pneumatic nail gun, which is optional because a hammer can be used. The puzzle is used to cut the plywood into the necessary sizes and the bits and bits will make the mounting holes. Other tools needed to complete the project consists of a paint roller to apply the epoxy, compass, staple gun, staples, utility knife and quick setting epoxy. You will use the knife to cut the carpet and the quick setting epoxy to stick the pieces of wood together. The paint roller is used to apply epoxy to large areas of wood instead of using a brush.

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For the cat tower, you will have three pieces of 3/4 inches of plywood that are cut into specific sizes. Plywood is used to make the bottom and top shelf, middle support, sides of the box and the ends of the box. It is necessary to use the thickness 3/4 inches so that the jack tree will be stable.

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