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Dec 15th
Jewelry dresser Decors

Jewelry dresser for a gift for someone special. This gift will help her organize her jewelry so she can easily find it. This project will take some time; however, the gift will be cherished for decades to come so it is a project well worth the investment in time.


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Create a design for a jewelry dresser. Write down the exact dimensions of the furniture. An average width of a jewelry armoire is about thirty inches wide and thirty five inches tall. The design can include three or four boxes for jewelry. The size of the door can be twenty six inches wide and thirty three inches tall. The four legs will be nine inches high and three inches wide. Purchase wood to use to make this item. Use a chainsaw or standard to cut the wood to the sizes needed. Then use sandpaper to smooth some rough edges. Wipe wood to remove any loose debris.

Use small nails to hammer the back and two side panels. Use at least five nails on each area where wood panels connect. Attach the two side panels to the front of the jewelry dresser that will connect to the front door. Use at least five nails to attach each panel. Hammer together the inner boxes and push them into the sliders inside the armoire. Use two hinges on the right side of the front door. Then the front door attaches via the hinges. Wipe all debris outside the wood. Then apply either paint or varnish. Allow the first coat to dry at least overnight before applying a second coat of paint or varnish. If desired, add decorative details such as words, flowers, hearts, or someone’s initials with a stencil and stencil color.

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