Standard Measurement for Superior Kitchen Top

Jul 31st

Kitchen Top – Superior kitchen furniture is those that are mounted on the wall. They are often found above the countertop and above the kitchen appliances, such as refrigerators, ovens and range hoods. Many people choose to store common kitchen items that are used daily in these cabinets. Such as dishes and mugs, as the cabinets provide easy access without bending the knees or getting on all fours to look for something specific.

The standard height for kitchen cabinets mounted on the top wall is about 30 inches. This measurement includes full cabinets that often have three or more shelves available for storage. The overall depth is shallower than the base cabinets located under the counter, as it is only 12 inches. The width depends on the structure, as double-door cabinets are wider than the cabinets of a door. In general, the width of a cabinet is calculated by increments of 3 inches and can start at 12 inches and go upwards by 48 inches.

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Superior kitchen cabinets are not mounted on the ceiling, but, rather, a couple of inches below. So, it is easier to re-install the cabinet and door in case a reconstruction project is in the plans. Also, the closet door will not scrape along with the ceiling. If a small space is made available between the cabinet and the ceiling. The space between the ceiling and the closet can be covered with a couple of layers of paint. Or can be used to highlight the wallpaper or decorations in the kitchen by adding a wallpaper banner along the top of the installation of a cutout.

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