Standard Height for the Low Desk

Oct 28th
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Low Desk – The proper desktop height of the computer is an important facet of working on a computer. After all, if your table is not at the correct height, and your other accessories are also ill-adjusted, you may experience pain or discomfort in your wrists, arms, neck or back, caused by bad ergonomic practices. It is important that your computer desk feels at the correct height, in relation to your seat while sitting on it, to ensure optimal comfort every time you sit at the counter.

The height of your computer desk should be approximately 20 to 28 inches from the ground, depending on the model and brand. In other words, when sitting, the height of the table should reach the elbows. If the height of the table cannot be adjusted, modify the height of your seat. Depending on your personal height and comfort level, adjust the seat slightly higher or lower. But do not vary too much from the desktop height/elbow ratio, as you want to be adjustably correct when relaxing at your computer desk.

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In addition to the total height of the work table, it should also be high enough to comfortably slide your legs into the space available for your chair. The minimum amount of clearance required is approximately 15 inches from the knees to the bottom of the desk and approximately 24 inches from the feet resting on the floor. Personal height plays a role here, so you may have to try different types of table or chair before finding a combination that suits your needs.

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