Standard Distribution Kitchen Layout

May 16th
Layout Kitchen Floor Plan Innovation
Layout Kitchen Floor Plan Innovation

Kitchen Layout – There are as many kitchen designs as people can imagine, but there are several proven and true design formulas or designs that have been used enough to call them standard. When considering any kitchen layout, you must take into account the space you have for your kitchen, as well as the functional flow of the space. As the design of the L-shaped kitchen, the layout of the U-shaped kitchen looks like a giant “U” or horseshoe with cabinets and counters lining up three of the four walls of a room that is square or close to her.

The working triangle is not disturbed by a traffic pattern in the U-shaped kitchens. An island can go in the middle of the layout kitchen floor plan, but it must contain the stove or sink, if possible, to maintain the working triangle. In each kitchen, there is an imaginary triangle that represents the main work area and the flow in the kitchen space.

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Any ideal kitchen layout should take into account the working triangle, which connects the center of the sink to the refrigerator and the stove. No traffic zone should be cut through the triangle, and obstructions such as islands should not intrude into the triangle by more than one foot. L-shaped kitchens literally look like a giant “L” with cabinets and a counter lining one wall and then wrap around one corner and continue a little further down the other wall.

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