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Jul 9th
Teak Reclaimed Wood Furniture
Teak Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture -Old wooden planks recovered from the demolition of old houses, barns and other structures can find a second life in the construction or rehabilitation of new homes. Not only are you reusing old environmentally responsible wood planks, this wood harvesting can often offer advantages over new wood in aesthetics and durability. Wooden planks recovered from an old structure can be used as a tabletop, providing a weathered, rustic look. Other pieces of furniture that can be made from reclaimed wood planks include beds, headboards, shelves and desks. Cabinets and dressers can also be constructed from reclaimed wood planks, as can wall units for home entertainment systems

Custom kitchen furniture made from reclaimed wood can be aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. According to the website’s low impact living, new kitchen cabinets can have a negative environmental impact, especially if they are made of wood that was harvested unsustainably. To make matters worse, kitchen cabinets made with new material can also be loaded with chemicals such as sealing, gluing and painting that can emit toxic gases over a period of years.

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A weathered plank can be the perfect starting point to create a rustic, hand-painted sign for a house or business. After cutting the board with the size, desired drawing or stencil the words and images you want to place on the sign, and then paint on them. The paint can be made to look as degraded as wood with some soft sandpaper, providing the final sign with a distressed, ancient look.

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