Reupholstering the Couch Cushion Slipcovers

May 9th
Individual Couch Cushion Cover
Individual Couch Cushion Cover

Couch Cushion Slipcovers – Sofa cushions can suffer a multitude of abuse from children and pets and often show wear before the rest of the bed. Instead of replacing an entire sofa, make new slipcovers for the cushions. If you can sew the straight lines, you can sew slipcovers. When selecting the fabrics, choose the fabric identical to the bed, or at least complementary. Another option is to make new covers for the cushions, as well as covers for the bed frame. When you have finished, you will have what looks like a new piece of furniture.

Look at the back of the zipper cushions. Open the cover and remove the shock absorber. Turn the inner sleeve and use an opening to gently remove the seams. When the pieces are completely de-assembled, you will have a pattern for your new slipcovers. Lay the fabric out with the sides of the right together. Place the pattern pieces on the fabric, ensuring that florals and stripes run the correct way. Turn on the pattern pieces in place. Cut to the fabric, using the patterns as a guide. Remove the patterns from the parts of the non-slip cover.

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Sew sheet cover pieces, place right sides together. Reuse the zipper that came from the original shock absorber if it is in good condition; Otherwise, buy a new one. Install by fitting to the panel on the back of the case. Use a zipper pedal to sew comfortably in place. Pass the corners of the sheet covered with scissors so lie flat. Iron open seams. In turn, the slipcovers the right side out. Slide the pillows into the slipcovers and close the cover closure. Replace the cushions on the sofa.

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