Polar Bear Rug

Nov 28th
Bear Rug

Bear Rug – The skin of a mature polar bear can be used as a beautiful carpet. The polar bear carpet is a perfectly designed carpet that usually has an open mouth, a fitting head, and contains many flashing teeth. Very thick and suitable for cold weather. The fabulous carpet design is perfect for your library or study room and even in your living room.

Polar bears are considered the biggest bear among bear families with different characteristics. They live in the North Artic spending most of their time on the ice floor. The average height of an adult male is 8.5 feet and weighs up to 900 pounds while the average height of an adult woman is 6.5 feet and weighs up to 500 pounds. This polar bear has many unique adaptations when dealing with Arctic flu. Usually their blacks allow them to absorb enough heat from the sunlight they need. However, their colors are sometimes green because algae grow in their empty body armor especially when they live in warm climates.

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The white polar bear carpet is perfect for animal and hunter lovers. This is probably the first trophy to be hunted. For those who want to have it, they must be willing to pay the price because it is not cheap at all. The price is between 500 to 1,700 dollars or higher. Make sure that the layers are thick and the original bear skin is tanned and skinned professionally. Polish polar bear carpet manufacturers use the latest quality in making their products look alive with more emphasis on the eyes, ears and mouth. It gives you an exotic and extraordinary sexy presence. Large polar bear leather carpets can be a unique inner vacation.

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