Outdoor Slipcovers Well In Advance!

Jan 22nd
Strip Outdoor Slipcovers
Strip Outdoor Slipcovers

The outdoor slipcovers remain reasonably dry under a canopy, but become damp through the roof. Here too the advice applies: do not leave the garden cushions outside . Why can you store garden cushions better than leave them outside? A reason for this was already given: this way you prevent fungus stains and unpleasant odors. Another reason is the color retention of the garden cushions.

By bringing garden cushions from outside to inside, they retain their colors longer. Moist garden cushions will discolour much faster than dry outdoor slipcovers. The UV radiation from the sun also fades the colors. There is no sunlight inside. By storing garden cushions, they will therefore look longer as new! Do you want to leave your garden cushions outside? Then you have two options: or you spray them with a waterproof layer; or you buy all weather garden cushions.

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What you can do best if you want to leave outdoor slipcovers outside, it is wise to provide them with a water spray layer. This keeps the garden cushions water and dirt repellent. HG waterproof for textiles is an impregnating agent that gives your pillows an extra layer of protection. So your garden cushions are more resistant to rain / moisture. Clean the (ornamental) pillows well in advance!

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