Install And Decor Shower Accessories Personalized Style

Jan 21st
Teak Bathroom Accessories Combination
Teak Bathroom Accessories Combination

Shower Accessories – Trimming the walls of the shower presents a problem. Normally, you want to trim a wood surface, but wood is a bad idea in a shower because it will absorb moisture and rot. You can buy pre-made plastic or fiberglass trim, but a more elegant solution is bullnose tiles. These are like regular shower wall tiles, but they are finished on one side, so they can create an edge with the wall when they are placed in rows along the edge of the shower.

Measure along the top of the shower area on a wall, using a tape measure. Mark the middle of the light with a pencil. A differential thin layer of mortar on the back of a tile with rounded edge, with a notched trowel. Press the wall tile along the top edge of the tile area, along with the center mark, with the finished edge of the edge rounded up. Place the bathroom fixtures under the rounded tile to separate it from the main wall of the shower.

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Hang bullnose over the rest of the line in the same manner, with all edges finished up to form the edge of the moen bathtub trim area. Place the wedges underneath and along the sides of the bullnose tiles. Cut the pieces at the ends that are necessary with a tile cutter. Repeat the procedure for each horizontal and vertical section around the shower, creating a perimeter. Let the tiles defined for a day. Pull the spacers.

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