Ideas to Repair Woven Small Rug

Nov 24th
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Woven small rug is used around the house in areas where there is frequent standing, for example before mirrors, sinks, doors or benches. These rugs vary in the way they are manufactured from commercial to handmade, and many styles of weaving. However, in general, a woven carpet allows the side of the thread to be exposed to wear. Woven rugs can be repaired in a few steps.

Vacuum the carpet well to remove as much dirt as possible. Shampoo the carpet to remove dirt and remaining stains and to reveal the true color of the yarns used to make the carpet. Examine the damage. If the edges of the damaged area are intact, bring the edges together and use a cloudy stitch to sew the woven carpet mat together again. A very cloudy point crosses over the damaged tear with each stitch. Place the rug face down on a wooden roller. Use a high strength needle and thread to make this repair on the back side of the carpet.

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Remove loose thread around larger holes with irregular edges or missing sections. Clean the underlying mesh back to an area where the threads are safe and firm. If necessary, add a section of the carpet mesh patch larger than the damaged area and sew to the back of the carpet. Align the mesh to match the original carpet. Select the threads in the colors that match the carpet in the area of   the patch. This may be due to several different colors, if there is a strong drawing of the carpet.

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