Ideas to Clean Quilted Bedspreads

Feb 12th
Perfect Quilted Bedspreads
Perfect Quilted Bedspreads

Quilted bedspreads – Bedding is essential to make the bedroom look beautiful, and thus contribute to the decoration of the home. Now, it is useless to have everything in tune, and that the bedding looks dirty or deteriorated. Whatever the reason why you are going to wash your quilt by hand, these are the aspects that you should never forget. You need a container large enough to fit the cover fully covered with water.

For this you can use a basin or large basin, but the ideal would be to clean the bathtub well and place the bedspread inside. Soak the bedspread always with cold water since the hot water, although it eliminates the deeper stains better, could cause the tissues to shrink. While pouring water into the bathtub, press the quilt at different points and make sure it is equally soaked everywhere.

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Pour the proportion of detergent corresponding to the size and weight of the quilt into the water of the container. The use of borax or sodium bicarbonate will increase the bleaching properties of the detergent. To take effect, remove every so often for a period of approximately 60 minutes. You should also use cold water to rinse the garment. Empty and fill the tub or container several times until the rinse water does not turn cloudy. It is a process in which you will have to spend a lot of time if you want to obtain the desired results.

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