Ideas of Vintage Buffet Table

Jul 6th
Antique Buffet Table Corner
Antique Buffet Table Corner

Vintage buffet table can be an ideal method for earning a large collection as it reduces the cost of service and food. If the price is hot or cold or a combination of both, by allowing guests to pick the items they prefer, you end up with a more concentrated meal design. Also, as someone needs to replenish food and clean up, these factors should be part of the planning.


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Design the table with a long canvas over it to hide the legs. Attach a string of rope light to the edge of the table. Place risers, which resemble spice shelves and are found in most specialty kitchen shops, along the table. Place the vintage buffet table close to the kitchen, with rooms on each side for guests to walk. Set up a trash can and trash can. Group of all hot food items together. Place them on one end of the table. Add a small heat burner under to keep the food warm during the event.

Collect all cold foods, such as green salads or vegetable trays, and place them on the other side of the table. Raise some of the salads on the cake trunks. Place salad vintage buffet table and dips under it. Put dessert items in the middle of the table. Placing cakes and muffins on three levels rises up for more space. Place bowls of fruit underneath with bowls of dips or whipped cream. Stack the plates into small groups to prevent them from toppling over and breaking. Wrap sets of cutlery in napkins with glasses on the front. Add a separate pile of napkins in a basket for guests to access additional napkins.

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