Ideas of Japanese Futons

Jan 29th
Long Japanese Futon
Long Japanese Futon

Japanese futons are a traditional bed, but the times have changed and most residents of Japan sleep in a modern bed with a frame and mattress. However, futon is still useful in today’s society. For example, futons are often used in Japan as guest beds, because when not in use, they can be rolled up and stored separately. Futon is also useful for those with a small apartment, which you can roll up more space during the day.


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The mattress component of a Japanese futons design is called shikibuton. The mattress has a fabric exterior and is normally filled with balled cotton or wool. The shikibuton is designed to put on a tatami rug, which is a traditional form of Japanese flooring, made of straw rice and woven straw rush. Shikibutons are between 4 and 9 inches thick. The thinner ones are lighter and more portable, but the thick ones tend to provide more comfort.


Bedding forms the second part of the Japanese futons, and is rolled away with shikibuton. The bulk of the litter is called a cake bean, and is a thick quilt. This is sometimes a replacement for a Tofu, which is a thinner blanket, in warmer months. There is also a traditional pillow for the Japanese futon. The western take on the futon carries some similarities to the Japanese futon, but is more like a futon couch. It is much more bulky and normally consists of a wooden frame that can be folded to create a base. Then fold the mattress on this base and it creates a sofa. The frame also plays flat, when the mattress is placed flat on top of it to make a bed.

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