Ideas of Bedroom Window Curtains

Sep 17th
Simple Bedroom Window Curtains
Simple Bedroom Window Curtains

Bedroom window curtains – When it comes to your bedroom, there is no rule that says you should use wick curtain panels or mini blinds just like everyone else. If you want curtains that are really different, crazy and unique, step out of the box and put it on your creativity cover. Use unexpected fabrics, textures and unconventional materials for the curtains that can be guaranteed that nobody else in the block has.

There is no rule that curtains should be of fabric purchased at a sewing store. Combing your cabinets, garage or second-hand shop for unusual items that could be hung as curtains. As long as you can find a way to pass over your window, you can consider it a curtain. For example, you can use a large flag as a curtain or a skirt of grass hula. Consider cutting the seams of an old tent and using large, flat pieces like curtains. Be sure to leave all hooks, rings and fins for visual interest. Another option is to sew together a lot of old jeans or shirts from a one of a kind curtain. Your options are endless.

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There is a lot of fun and exceptional bathroom curtains on the market and you can just as easily pass one over the window of your bedroom, and through your shower. Look online or in specialty bed and bath stores and you will find all sorts of unusual designs, from clear plastic curtains with pockets to fabric curtains with oversized ruffles or bright, unexpected graphics.

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