Ideas for Remodel Farmhouse Buffet Table

May 1st
Best Buffet Table Furniture Ideas
Best Buffet Table Furniture Ideas

The farmhouse buffet table is often old or out of style and need updating. You can give a buffet table a completely new look by changing the color and the hardware. This gives him a lot of freedom of action to make the buffet an ideal complement for the decoration of his staff. Try using dark browns and antique white for an appearance that combines with many homemade decorations. You can use any combination of paint color to redo your table or even the template in the patterns.

Wash the buffet with disodium phosphate to get rid of any sticky residue and dirt in the buffet. Use a regular sponge and bucket to wash the buffet. Rinse with water and dry completely. Remove the hardware from the buffet with a screwdriver. Put them aside if you are going to use them again. Fill any buffet damage with wood filling with a spatula. Work the filling material in the holes by placing it. Scrape the spatula blade through the wood and fill it to level it. Allow the putty to dry according to package instructions.

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Sand all the buffet to start with 80 grit sandpaper. Follow with 100 grit and 220 grit sandpaper to get a smooth and even surface. Clean the buffet with an antistatic cloth to remove the sanding dust. Apply a water-based primer to the furniture using a small sponge brush or roller. Give the buffet a uniform layer. Use untainted primer so you can paint the buffet with two colors.

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