Ideas for Platform with Cane Bed

Oct 31st
Cane Beds Arizona

A platform cane bed adds an Asian flavor to the room, an unusual statement that can make the room memorable. The construction of a cane platform is little different from the construction of any other platform bed, a do-it-yourself project that a beginning builder should be able to finish in an afternoon. These plans are for a plot for a full-size mattress, but can be used for other sizes by changing dimensions of the wood.

Place the basic design. Adjust the three 53-inch parallel poles, each 32 inches apart in the center. Place the other poles in the base formed by these poles, running parallel to each other, from side to side and perpendicular to the base poles. Drill a hole completely through the middle line of each of the 75-inch poles, positioned at 6 inches, 38 inches and 70 inches from one end.

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Place the right end pole in position on the support posts. Slide the nail through each hole to mark its position on the support post. Drill a one-inch-deep hole in the support post at each point you marked. Cut the wooden dowel to a length equal to the diameter of the first long pole, plus one inch. Mount the post in position by sliding cut lengths of a stake, through the long post and into the support post. Drive it until the tip is flush with the surface of the long pole. Use the hammer if necessary.

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