Ideas for Floor Hex Tile

Nov 1st
Hex Tile

Hex tile – The installation of ceramic tiles or porcelain in the shape of a hexagon can give a luxury appearance to a bathroom or kitchen floor. Due to its unique shape and small size, care must be taken to place them correctly to create the desired effect. Measure the room to be coated. Acquire enough square meters of tiles to cover the space, plus an additional 10 percent to 15 percent to allow for broken tiles and errors. Nail down outside grade plywood over the existing floor. Leave a space of a quarter of an inch between the boards and the walls.

Tiles arranged parallel to the longest wall of the first room. For this, first without mortar to have an idea of ​​what the final room will look like. Hexagonal tiles are purchased in small sheets in a flexible rubber liner. Due to the design of interlocking tiles, the edges of the sheets are not straight, and therefore will have to be measured and cut to align with the walls. Measure the tiles with a ruler and mark with a pencil, and then cut tiles with tile cutters.

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Mix up to mortar according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Moisten the floorboards. Spread a quarter of an inch of mortar evenly over a small area with a trowel. Create a corrugated mortar surface with the trowel to give the tiles something to cling to. Place the tiles down through the mortar. Cover the tiles with a piece of wood, and hammer slightly down through the surface of the plate to drive the tiles firmly and evenly into the mortar.

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