How to Repair the Kohler Expanse

Aug 4th
Magnificent Kohler Expanse Shower Rod

Kohler Expanse – Kohler is a company known for its innovative design and elegant kitchen and bathroom. When it’s time to repair your Kohler hot tub drain, the work is pretty simple. The rubber seal around draining around your thrust has probably worn out, letting the water through slip into the drain. This is a very common problem and one that can be solved relatively easily. Your home improvement stores should carry spare drains for the Kohler hot tub.

Unscrew the central part of the mouth of the hydromassage drain with your hand. This piece is known as the touch of the toe, and it is what is pushed up and down to open and close the mouth of the drain. The centerpiece has a rubber gasket around its edge. If the piece cannot be unscrewed by hand, use a pair of extension pliers to loosen the drain. Remove any debris that may be trapped by the inside of the mouth of the Kohler whirlpool drain. Screw the new touch of the spare toe into space where the faulty one was. Turn on the bathtub and make sure that the new drain does not escape.

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Loosen the piece of the toe by touching the mouth of the drain with your hand. Adjust the drain extractor in the drain. Turning in the opposite direction until you have unscrewed the drain body completely. Remove the defective seal from the bottom of the drain. Fit the new drain seal on the bottom of the leak. Use the drain extractor to tighten the drain body back into your Kohler hot tub. Screw on the toe part touches the drain mouth.

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