How to Paint Ikea Hopen Dresser

Dec 15th
Ikea hopen dresser Decors

Ikea hopen dresser – If you’ve ever been to Ikea in person, you know how overwhelming the choices will be after a while. Step into the slick, modern showroom bedrooms, and you may soon find yourself going out with piles. But what if you come home and the color is not right for your home? Repainting Ikea melamine furniture is not a major inconvenience. But to make the color stick to your agency, you have to deal with the job with the right tools.


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Disassemble your ikea hopen dresser. Do not disassemble the pieces; Just remove the drawers and any knobs, accessories or finishing pieces. Use paint tape to mask areas that do not need to paint, including drawer slots or bolts. Rub rough sandpaper over the surface of all areas to be painted. It is easier for the color to adhere to this rough texture. Wipe the ground pieces with a blow or microfiber cloth to remove the dust. Use a foam roller to apply an oil-based primer to the chest of drawers. Do this step outside or in a well-ventilated area. Let the primer dry, and then apply additional layers to cover any quadrant Ikea color shines through.

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Apply the paint to the primed ikea hopen dresser with a foam roll and brushes, and allow the primer to dry completely. Check that the paint is completely dry by touch before moving on to the next layer. Continue applying color and allow it to dry until the color coverage is smooth and smooth. Apply a clear finish spray or polyacrylic topcoat over the paint, and allow it to dry thoroughly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Assemble your painted Ikea agency and it is ready for use.

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