How to Mount Contemporary Ceiling Fans

Sep 13th
Wooden Contemporary Ceiling Fans
Wooden Contemporary Ceiling Fans

Contemporary ceiling fans to a vaulted ceiling are not so different from mounting one to a level ceiling. The big difference is that you have to take the slope of the roof into consideration and install a down rod extension long enough to allow the fan blades to turn without bumping into the ceiling. With a high staircase and a helper, you can finish this project in a day.


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Measure roof slope

Mark 12 inches from the end of a carpenter’s level with a pen or a piece of tape. Hold this end of the level against the contemporary ceiling fans, and then swing the level until the bubble shows that the level is parallel to the floor. Hold the level in place using a tape measure to measure the vertical distance from the 12-inch mark on the ceiling level. This figure is the “rise” of the roof. If the increase is 7 inches or more, then the angle of the roof is greater than 30 degrees; In this case, you need to buy an angled roof adapter for your ceiling fan. Each major fan manufacturer makes such an adapter.

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Buy a down rod extension of appropriate length. The lengths listed below are only minimum levels. If you want your contemporary ceiling fans to hang lower, please buy a longer extender. If the increase is 4 inches or less, buy a 12-inch down rod extender. For a 5 to 6-inch increase, buy an 18-inch extender. For 7-8 inches, buy a 24-cm extension. For 9 to 12 inches, buy a 36-inch extension. If the increase is greater than 12 inches, then the ceiling angle is more than 45 degrees, which is too steep for a ceiling fan.

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