How to Make a Pink Carpet Runner

Sep 14th
Pink Stanchion Ropes

Pink carpet runner comes in a variety of sizes. Most of the time, they are rectangular in shape and come in various lengths. A great way to have something different is to create your own carpet runner. Doing a carpet runner can be done by using the leftover carpet from a wall to the previous wall to buy carpet or by buying a piece of inexpensive carpet. Here you will find step-by-step instructions on how to create a carpet runner that is unique and one of a kind.

Gather a leftover piece of carpet from previous carpet installation, or purchase a piece of inexpensive carpet. Measure the length and width of the area to be covered with a carpet runner. Use of a safe surface, such as the garage floor or driveway, turn the carpet upside down so the back is facing up. Draw the design you want with the marker.

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Using the carpet knife, cut along the design that has been made with the marker. Be sure to cut through the backing and into the fibers of the carpet. With your back still up, start at one end. Apply a bead of hot glue along the edge of the carpet, placing the joint over it as you go. Pull the joint by the edge towards the front of the carpet. Place the hot glue down and press the joint in place.

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