How to Lay Out Kitchen Shelving

Jul 12th
Original Kitchen Shelving
Original Kitchen Shelving

Kitchen shelving – Transforming your kitchen requires imagination and anticipation. Creating a working layout is best done on paper, before you buy any cabinet. It is necessary to measure your walls and everything that needs to be in the kitchen, such as plumbing and electrical connections, sinks and appliances before choosing cabinets. When you have an idea of ​​what the measurements need to be, posting your kitchen becomes a matter of choosing cabinets to suit your remaining space and storage needs.


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Measure the walls where you will install cabinets. Create a scale chart for your kitchen on the grid paper. If you are planning to bring an island, make sure it is away from your kitchen shelving to give you at least two feet walking room in between. Label your water supply and existing electrical and gas supplies for appliances. Measure all appliances and other fixtures that will be in your kitchen.

If you haven’t bought appliances yet, allow 30 inches for a standard range, 36 inches for a large refrigerator, and 24 inches for a dishwasher. A double ho will need a 36 inch cabinet. Form a working triangle with refrigerator, supply and sink. These three items are the most accessible areas in your kitchen. With these three areas in harmony, your kitchen is easy to work with. Think about your storage needs and other appliances in the kitchen. If you have a built-in dishwasher, plumbing is easier if it sits next to the sink base. Many people prefer to have kitchen shelving next to the area to keep kitchen utensils and pots and pans.

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