How to Hang Storage Basket

Jan 16th
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Braided baskets add a rustic design to any wall, and you can mount one with a few simple points. Use storage basket to store books and toys, create a focal point in space. Place the baskets side by side for a horizontal style shelf or down the wall for a vertical unit. The L-brackets are also very flexible, and you can space them as wide as the basket you plan to use. Place baskets in all rooms for extra storage and when mounting baskets on the wall, the space below is released for you to use.


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Mark the place on the wall where the storage basket will hang. Use a spirit level to ensure the marked areas are the level. Find a stud behind the wall for extra support and stability using a rule detector. Use two 16-inch L brackets to hold up braided baskets. Place the bracket on the wall so that the base of “L” is level to the wall. Insert the screws in the pre-drilled holes on the L-bracket and in the market places. With an electric drill, drill the screws in the wall.

Studs require more muscles with the drill, so do not be afraid to drill the screws properly in the wall. Place the storage basket on top of the L-holder. For heavy objects, the maximum weight refers to the capacity of the bracket. Press the basket against the wall to ensure the strip attaches to the wall. Test to see the baskets are safe on the wall by adding two to three light objects. Once you know they are safe, start filling the baskets with important items.

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