How to Dye Your Own Silk Bed Sheets

Nov 9th
Slip Silk Sheets
Slip Silk Sheets

Silk Bed Sheets – Dyed silk sheets offer you a relatively inexpensive way to change the look of a bedroom and maintain the feeling and appearance that the silk sheets provide. As an alternative, it can help you to hide stains or discoloration without having to buy a new set of sheets. Silk is an excellent material for dyeing and absorbs colors very easily and completely in a bathtub or a washing machine.

Pre-wash the sheets and rinse thoroughly to ensure all dirt and detergent are removed. Fill the tub of the machine or wash it with hot water. Add salt and allow it to dissolve completely. Mix the colorant according to the manufacturer’s instructions and add it to the tub or washing machine. Add the fabric. If dyeing in a tub, stir at least every three to four minutes for about 30 minutes. If a washing machine is used, set the machine to shake, but do not allow the machine to empty.

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Slowly mix sodium carbonate in the water, and do not allow it to fall directly on the fabric. In the tub, shake every three or four minutes, or adjust the washer to shake again. Continue this for 30 minutes to make the colors lighter and 1 hour for the darker colors. Drain the wash and rinse the extra dye. If a washing machine is used, put it in the rinse cycle. Wash the leaves in hot water to remove excess dye. Darker colors may require a second wash. Dry the leaves as you would normally.

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