How to Construct of Loft Beds

Jun 8th
Loft Bed With Stairs Design

Loft Beds is a large space saver for a small bedroom or dorm. In fact, it can act as a desk or in a wardrobe. For younger children or students, a loft bed is an excellent choice. The loft bed also allows for extra floor and storage space.


36 Picture Gallery: How to Construct of Loft Beds

Build a box of 2-by-6-by-8 discs. Make sure the box holds the size of the mattress; the receiver should be slightly larger. For a standard twin (38 by 76 inches), the longer side should measure 78 inches, while the shorter side should measure 37 inches. Loft beds with Lay out the drawer and allow the longer ends to overlap the shorter ends. Screw together using 3-inch screws. Cover the box with the heavy plywood. Cut to fit and attach at two-meter intervals, with a 5/8 inch screws. Sand rough spots until smooth. Your mattress will be on top of the box. Turn over the box and test how well the mattress fits.

Lay out the posts and draw a line in all fours. This is done to show where the lower part of the box will be placed. Allow sufficient clearance (at least 3 feet) between the top of the mattress and the ceiling. Drill holes through the posts and halfway into the corresponding spots on the box. Attach the posts to the loft beds using the lag bolts. First connect the ones that will go against the wall. Then the box increases. Have a helper support the box while screwing the last two posts. Use ready-made boards to attach the header and footer. Space them so you can run a long board against the wall and under the bed. There will be plenty of room for a small office chair.

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