How to Build a Shoe Rack

Oct 23rd
Shoe Rack Target Design

Shoe Rack – Shoe racks help with the organization of origin. They provide a place for two rows of shoes that are carefully placed instead of scattered in front of catwalks or doors. Shoe racks are often made from decorative hardwood, but they can also be made at low cost from the softer wood, such as pine. Pinewood, which is usually found in most hardware stores, is easier to work with than hardwood.

Draw two lines using your square across each 16-inch plate. Each line should be 2 and a half inches and in parallel with the two 16-inch edges of the board. Place a flat board with vertical lines. Draw an “X” on the left line that is 2 inches below the top edge of 10 inches. Draw another “X” that is 10 inches below the first “X” Turn this plate 180 degrees and repeat this process on the middle distance line. Repeat this step with the next panel. Drill a 3 3/4 inch diameter, 1-inch deep hole in each of the “X” s.

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Place the boards so they are standing on their 10-inch edges. They should be parallel, spaced 31 inches apart, with the holes facing each other and aligned. Insert the pins into the holes, screw through the joints and into the studs. Place wood filler over each of the screw heads and allow to dry. Sand the rack with medium grade sandpaper, clean it with the cleaning cloth and apply wood stain. Let the stain dry before putting your shoes on the shelf.

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