How did the Bed Lifts Work?

Oct 6th
Wood Bed Risers Home Depot
Wood Bed Risers Home Depot

Bed Lifts – Make the most efficient use of your space by maximizing the area under the bed. With bed bands, you can increase the space under a normal-sized double bed to more than 15 cubic feet of storage. Today’s bed lifts are sturdy, versatile and come in several styles to fit any bed frame. Unless you treat your bed or less, bed lifts keep your sleeping area safe and stable. Choose the right style of bed frame lift for your bed and keep your house in order to wisely use the space under the bed.

Bed lifts can increase the storage area under the bed by 6 inches or more, depending on the model you choose. The new height will better accommodate plastic storage containers that do not fit. Underneath the storage bed is especially useful for seasonal items such as sweaters and snow gear or summer clothes. Because the bands do not compromise the stability of the bed, you can still sleep comfortably while taking advantage of the increased storage space.

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Putting bed bands on the bed frame can be easier to do with an assistant, although you can do it alone. Lift one leg from the bed, then slide a box or bed into the cup rising directly under the leg of the bed. Lower the leg down into the center of the riser tube. Move to the next leg of the bed. An assistant makes it easier by lifting one side of the bed at a time, allowing two bands to be placed before the legs are lowered.

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