How Build Folding Chaise Lounge Chair

Oct 5th
Wood Folding Chaise Lounge Chair
Wood Folding Chaise Lounge Chair

Folding chaise lounge chair – If you have some basic carpentry skills under your belt and a few extra hours, a collapsible chair makes a workable weekend project. This chair does not require screws or nails to mount, but is nevertheless robust and attractive. Perfect for camping, beach or just hanging out on the patio, these chairs make a practical addition to any outdoor living space. Make several for extra seating where you may need it.


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Cut oak plank into two, 30-inch pieces. These pieces slot into the folding chaise lounge chair. Cut a paper plate in the middle. Place the paper plate at one end of one of the plank pieces with the rounded portion toward the end of the board. Track the outline of the plate on wood with a carpenter pen. Repeat on one end of the second plank piece. The ends with the plate contour are top. The ends without the contour are the bottoms.

Find a spot on one of the planks, 12 inches from its bottom. Draw two lines across the plank, 12 inches from its bottom, spaced 1 cm apart. Repeat on the second plank. Connect the two lines on one of the folding chaise lounge chair in the middle of the plank with a carpentry pen. Repeat on the second row. Delete that part of the rows after the line connecting them to both planks. These three lines are a sketch for the tracks on the chair. The slots will measure 5-inches long, with 1-inch wide.

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