Frame Set To Seduce Women

Nov 29th
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Frame Set – To attract women, you must be an alpha man. Being a good man no longer functions. I know your situation, you might get a date here and there but it’s far from your sexual dreams. Game rules have changed. You have to adjust or you will perish. Women are always smarter and we have to be wiser to win this game.

Now ask yourself. Are you a boring man? You must answer this question sincerely. Ask your friend to answer it. Because this is one of the main factors that damage your game. Most men are boring as usual. They don’t make a woman laugh and the conversation isn’t fun. Everyone likes funny people and makes us laugh. It tastes good and we enjoy the company. But the opposite happens with men who are boring and boring. So from now on, make sure you are a nice and cool guy.

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Now another big tip is to maintain eye contact. I can’t say how important this is. Most men avoid eye contact and this automatically tells them that they are not sure. Your spouse is the best tool that you can use to attract a woman. A woman likes this, keeps eye contact and she will think you are a man. But no one will succeed if your game isn’t right. Belief is everything. If you think that you are not good enough for him, you will not, period. From now on, change your mind and whenever you want to meet a girl, ask yourself, “I want to see what he has to offer me”.

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