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Sep 11th
Rustic Book Rack
Rustic Book Rack

Is the rustic bookshelf you found on the flea market look bad? You need new bookshelf ideas, not new bookshelves. You can attach a bookshelf to the wall, but you can also stack it by placing it on cupboards and boxes of equal height. Use unplaned planks like this for a robust look. Satisfied with the stack? Then screw the planks to the boxes so that it becomes a solid whole.

Use shelves of different sizes. Start hanging up at the bottom, then you’ll always be happy. Do not use measured sizes between the boards but do it by feel. That gives a nonchalant result, especially with an unexpected shelf on the corner. You can also hang these shelves in an upright position.

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You can also cover boards. The advantage of covering is that you can then let the boards protrude a bit on the side of a wall, because the back is also nice. The effect is playful if you do not let all the boards protrude that far. You do have to deal with the suspension system, so there are limits.  The bookshelves in the photo come from Ikea, but by staggering them, no one sees that the whole thing cost less than thirty euros.

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