Difference Between the King and Bed Twin

Feb 6th
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Bed Twin – When most people were children, they slept in a single bed. Later, when they traded up in a double bed, it probably looked huge by comparison. People spend approximately one-third of their lives in bed, and by sharing a bed, their space becomes even more limited. So understanding the personal space you need is important when considering the purchase of a bed.

A full American bed (also known as a twin bed) is 54 inches wide, 15 inches wider than a twin. If two people share that space and assuming that each person uses only half, each would have 27 inches to themselves. The length of a full-size bed is 75 inches. This means that a person who is 5 feet, 5 inches or more seems a bit too short for their height. A full-size bed is best for use in a smaller space where a larger bed simply would not work.

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A king-size bed (king of the east) is 76 inches wide and generally 80 inches long. This is wider than a total of 23 inches and 5 inches in length. This gives a par 38 inches of space if you use only half. This individual space would be equal to the width of a bed, so two singles would have a double bed. A King-size bed is the widest bed available. It allows the sleepers of the room to extend outwards and still does not bother your partner.

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