Design Of Cube Wall Storage

Jul 13th
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When you have items thrown around your home or decorations you have no room to display, you can build cube wall storage to solve your problem. The cube storage walls are made of several cube-shaped shelves of different sizes that are usually mounted on your wall. These geometric shelves can be filled with items to show or hide, creating a storage solution that fits into your home design. When designing your cube storage wall, you must take into account the wall space you have to work with.


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Measure the height and width of the wall in inches with a tape measure. Write down your measurements. This will help you determine the space you have to design your cube storage wall. The total surface of the cubes cannot exceed the surface of the wall. Write down a list of objects that will be placed in storage cubes. For example, you could be creating the wall for storing DVDs, books, pictures and a vase. Category objects to determine how many cubes you need for the wall.

Select the wall storage that stores each object type. There are several different sizes of cubes, as well as interacting cubes and rectangular shelves. Choose cubes that are large enough to store your stuff but not so large that there will be a lot of empty space left over. Spread the cubes out the side up onto a large flat surface like the floor in front of the wall. Move the cubes around the area until they are placed to your satisfaction. You can choose to have two large cubes near the bottom with a row of three smaller cubes directly above them or spread the cubes over the entire area of ​​the wall.

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