Cute Ideas for the Teen Beds

Jun 10th
Teen Beds with Lighting

Teen Beds – Teens often want their own room. If they cannot have their own room, they usually want to experience a certain level of privacy in their shared room area. Parents would like the room to be fashionable or cute, even if they do not seem interested in decorating their children. After all, the teenage years are the time when most children are expressing contempt for the opinions of parents. An astute parent can design a cute space, focusing on the privacy and independence of their children.

If you’re teen bedroom has a double window that focuses on a wall of 12 feet or more, this is an opportunity for the sofa/bed, double-flat shelf design. Select a shelf divider for cube-style books. Organizing half of the cubes face one way, and half of the other. Randomly pick up the cubes and leave two or three open on both sides. Place this centered on the window. Push a bed to the window and flat to the shelf. Add cylindrical cushions and hang curtains for the sequence at the end of each bed. This gives the two teenagers a semi-private fresh bed space with storage.

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Mount the crane style curtain rods on both sides of the bed. This type of rod opens out of the wall, creating instant privacy. Use fabric for lined curtains that can be tied back to the wall. Place the cork-board squares on the wall as a header so that they can post their favorite posters, photographs, and other items. Match the fabric of the bedding for the curtains.

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