Create Your Own for Hidden Furniture

Jun 4th
Nightstands With Hidden Compartments
Nightstands With Hidden Compartments

Hidden Furniture – Create hidden areas within your home as additional storage space, for hidden valuables, or additional private rooms. While this may seem like a daunting task at first, you may be surprised how much “hidden space” your house actually contains, for example, unused space below the stairs or between the cabinets of the kitchen and the roof. Be creative with furniture to maximize the storage space of your home, and look for space within your walls for the construction of hidden cabinets and shelves.

Use furniture items such as beds, tables, and chairs as hidden spaces in your home. Place long tablecloths on tables, look for chairs with long pieces of cloth that hide the legs of the chair. And place either dusty ruffles or long quilts on the beds to make the areas hidden. Use these spaces, such as under the bed. Hang curtains in various sizes around areas of your home to create hidden spaces. For example, use a curtain to hide spaces under stairs, including houses and basement main stairs.

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Take advantage of the hidden spaces within your walls. While pipes, duct metal sheets, and wiring are behind drywall and wood siding. There are also a lot of empty spaces between the wall studs of the 2-by-4. They are generally easy to detect when building a house or renovating. Determine if crawling or attic space in your home can be used for storage, if applicable. Some crawl spaces and attic do not contain insulation, such as spaces located above garages. However, most spaces contain a good amount of insulation.

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