Care for Aluminum Backyard Furniture

May 5th
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Patio Furniture Clearance Sale

Backyard Furniture – Even though you have a lot of options when it comes to different types of garden furniture, most people agree that if you are looking for something durable, aluminum is the way to go. Fortunately, in addition to dealing with the elements and heavy use, it turns out that the aluminum patio furniture is very easy to care for. If you use some basic elements for the home, you can easily clean and maintain your aluminum patio furniture.

Remove all cushions or coverings and spray the aluminum frame with a hose or water at the pressure of the washing machine. Mix 1 to 2 tablespoons. of dishwashing detergent with a gallon of water, and use a sponge to clean the dirt stuck against the aluminum furniture. Do not be afraid to use a little effort, since even the finished aluminum is very resistant to scratches and chafing. Use a scouring pad to get rid of any remaining thick material. Once the material has been removed, reuse a regular sponge to avoid any possible scratching from the scorer.

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Apply a small amount of cooking oil (one scoop or less) to the furniture just before the winter months with a clean rag to help prevent damage related to freezing. Do not forget to clean the oil once the weather heats up. Use car wax twice a year to keep your shiny aluminum furniture. You only need to apply a thin layer twice a year using a clean cloth to keep your furniture looking its best.

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