Can Restore Cane Bed

Jan 26th
Unusual Cane Bed
Unusual Cane Bed

Cane bed is a popular furniture item in the south, because it stands well in hot and humid temperatures. Over time, however, sugar cane may become brittle and break or the threads may begin to sort out. Cane is used as part of the seat on wooden chairs and for the back. Most sugar cane furniture needs to be re-woven. Depending on the damage, a whole fabric may be required

You need:

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Get quality wicker cane from a supplier. The cane bed weave will rolled. If you are repairing cane furniture that has finished holes in the frame of wood or chair, use golf tees to keep sugar cane in place while you are weaving. Soak roll sugar cane for 10 to 15 minutes in warm water in a large plastic bowl. Water will make sugar cane more agile and keep it from drying when working with it. Dampen existing sugar cane already on furniture with a spray bottle filled with water. Steam cane fiber binds within the fabric of new cane parts added.

Pull your finger along the top of individual cane bed threads before weaving. If the cane program part is not even, twist the weave around so the barbs are turned away as you weave. The natural barbs on the sugar cane threads can stick to the existing cane while weaving, which is struggling. Start weaving. Hold a straight and tighten properly. Cane will be wet and wrapped around the edge of the furniture to secure its place, if there is no hole in the frame of the furniture. If there is a hole, use a golf tee to hold the cane in place in the hole in the furniture frame.

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