Blue and White Contemporary Kitchen Ideas

Sep 8th
White Contemporary Kitchen Ideas
White Contemporary Kitchen Ideas

Contemporary kitchen ideas embrace color palette while displaying your personal style. With these colors, you are not stuck with any theme, even if you are stuck with some bold color scheme. By either sticking to the real nuances, or by adding some accents to change the mood of the space, the possibilities are endless.

Stick to blue and white

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A popular theme that utilizes these colors is to decorate the contemporary kitchen ideas. You can walk the whimsical way by using figures of milk maids and old-fashioned milk bottles as vases for flower bouquets. A more traditional way would be to show collections of milk glass and ceramics from Sweden. You can finish it with toile curtains in the windows. A nautical theme also works well in these shades, for obvious reasons, and can be made whimsical by adding shells and sea glass or more traditional by adding pictures of ships and lighthouse cake jars.

Contemporary design

Another contemporary kitchen ideas is to walk the contemporary road. Hang up simple blue-white curtains, either in a solid color or simple striped pattern. Use blue glass vases to house white roses or white ceramic vases to display blue flowers, such as gentian, evergreen. Minimalism is the key in modern design, so add some dish towels and a larger piece of artwork with corresponding colors to finish it.

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