Best Ideas of Bedroom Comforter Sets

Sep 3rd
Popular Bedroom Comforter Sets
Popular Bedroom Comforter Sets

Bedroom comforter sets are a functional and stylish addition to the beds of any room. Plush and soft, as they bring warmth and comfort to a bed. A basic quilt, made of feathered goose feathers or an alternative down like cotton, can be wrapped with two simple flat sheets to coordinate with the decoration of your room. Even if you have only basic knowledge of sewing, you can make a quilt bed cover to earn for a fraction of the purchase price again.

Ideas for bedroom comforter sets, coat your flat sheets on top of each other, the print side. Press with an iron to smooth wrinkles. Fix the sheets to each other along three sides. Sew with a straight stitch along the three sides of the fixed sheets. For greater stability, a second gallon or straight stitch can be added. This added stitch will help make the stitching more durable when a quilt or cotton batting is inserted.

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Remove the pins and turn the leaves on the right side outwards. Add buttons or cloth ties to the edge of the un-stitched to hold the quilt in place once it is inserted. To add buttons, make small cuts at intervals along the edge of a stitching. Finish these slits by folding the inner edges under, pressing with an iron and sewing along the lid to prevent fraying. On the opposite side of the fabric, sew the buttons to slide into the slots. For fabric ties, simply add matching 3-inch strips to both sides of the non-stitched edge. After inserting the quilt, closed loop.

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