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Jun 2nd
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Best dresser – The arrival of the baby is a major transformation in any woman’s life. And when we can count on the help and tips of more experienced mothers, it makes our daily life much easier. To organize the closet, start with the nursery, where you can store the childcare products that will not be used at the moment and the diapers that many mothers win in the baby shower.

Also consider this space for larger size pieces that do not fit in the best dresser or the rack. After washing they can be stored in specific boxes for storing clothes. Hangers can be used to hang dresses, overalls, jackets. What can be useful is the use of dividers to identify the months of clothing. On the shelves can be diapers, blankets, crib set changes, bedding and bath. Babies grow very fast, so the wardrobe is changed basically every 3 months.

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Ideally, there should be a rotation between the best dresser cabinet drawers and the parts stored in the dresser. The suggestion is that in the first drawer of the dresser always remain the pieces that are being used according to the age at the moment. When the dresser’s clothes no longer fit the baby, the clothes of the next size that are in the closet occupy the drawer. And so on.

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