Beautiful and Stylish Contemporary Cat Tree

Sep 8th
Urban Decorative Cat Trees
Urban Decorative Cat Trees

Contemporary cat tree – Playful solutions increase the chances of getting your cute outdoor cat into an indoor pet. With both cat litter, scratching wood and, not least, a place to be able to snuggle and enjoy, your home quickly becomes the cat’s territory. Read along and get our tips on living with a cat in a beautiful and stylish way.

We were looking for a contemporary cat tree, but we couldn’t find one that we liked. At the same time, we needed one that was not too dominant as we didn’t have much space. So we decided to do it ourselves by painting old recycling boxes and branches, and then we set them up on the wall between the living room and our bedroom. We decided to mix storage and the playful elements in order to optimize the small run.

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You often find the cat in your clothes or bedding, where it lies and puts you, you are far from the only one. Cats tend to enter small spaces and hooks to sleep safely and undisturbed. Treat your pet by decorating a contemporary cat tree with fabric or with a thicker mat that can be used as a bed in different ways. Such a detail will not only make you popular with your cat, but also ensure a more stylish cat arrangement.

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