Antique Design of Table Kitchens

Sep 23rd
Table Kitchens Set Ideas
Table Kitchens Set Ideas

Table kitchens are an excellent way to give character to an item that may otherwise appear dull and boring in your home. If you have numerous antiques or rustic pieces of furniture in your home, a new kitchen table will look out of place. While there are many professional carpenters and painters who specialize in antiques and distressing furniture, you can do it yourself with a little foresight and planning.

Take the kitchen table from your living room and put it in a workspace with adequate ventilation. Cover the floor of the work area with plastic or paper sheets and fix it to the floor with painter’s tape to facilitate cleaning and to avoid damaging your floors. Strip the paint or stain the table using varnish or lacquer remover and clean rags. If you go for a worn look and peel the finish only in certain areas. This works best with new boards that lack any defect in the finish.

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Cover the table with a base coat of dye or paint. Allow the paint or dye to dry overnight, or according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Table relief with non-uniform objects such as nuts and bolts, nails or in a cloth bag or sack. Be careful not to pull large pieces of wood board, only to create scratches and dents to give the table a well-worn look.

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